Contact us if you need further assistance to claim your solar tax credit, plus we are offering $300 referral payment for any friends or family you refer, who go solar with us. We’ll pay you upon completion of their installation.
5 Easy Steps

Going Solar Has Never Been Easier

Our experienced team is there for you every step of the way.

Step 1: Get a Free, No-Obligation Estimate

We’ll start by asking you questions and doing a quick analysis to see if solar is right for you. We’ll check your current energy usage, make sure your roof is right for solar panel installation, and get you a free, no-obligation estimate for installation.

Step 2: Complete the Agreement

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll give you an agreement that clearly lays out the terms of your installation and solar power rates. We make sure everything is clear before you sign because we want you to love your new solar power system for years to come.

Step 3: We Design Your Solar Power System

This is where the fun starts. You can sit back and relax while we design an efficient, beautiful, intelligent solar panel layout for your roof. Our designers ensure that your new system will look great and get you the most power possible.

Step 4: Installation

Our solar technicians will install your new solar panels on your roof, which usually takes just one day! They’ll work with your busy schedule so the installation goes quickly and smoothly and you can start realizing your energy savings.

Step 5: Flip the Switch!

After a final inspection and approval from your utility company, you’ll be ready to start enjoying the savings that solar power brings to your home. Our San Diego solar energy company will review how to operate the system and then you can turn it on and start saving!

Why California Premier Solar Construction 

Is the Smart Choice for Your Solar
  • Good for Your Electrical Costs

    Our clients notice a drastic reduction in their energy bills when they switch to solar. Many see a return on investments within a year. Systems typically provide 15-20% savings on their utility bill which can add up to $30,000 or more over the course of 20 years. There are significant savings available when your home depends more on your own electrical energy and less on your local utility.

  • Good for Your Home Value

    Studies show that solar panels add value and help your home sell faster, often in half the time! Homes with an average system size of 3.1 kW sold for approximately $17,000 more than non-solar homes. Homeowners understand the importance of energy costs and are eager to purchase a home with existing lower energy bills. If you have a solar lease, transferring to the new homeowner is simple.

  • Good for the Environment

    Traditional electricity is powered by fossil fuel and purchased from companies that burn coal, natural gas, or petroleum. A home that produces enough solar energy to cover all or most of their electrical needs will help offset their carbon footprint and become part of the solution to the problem. An average photovoltaic system greatly reduces carbon footprint and emissions equivalents.