Rancho Santa Fe Solar Panel Installation

Customized Work, 10-Year Roof Warranty & $0 Down Financing Options

In looking for a Rancho Santa Fe solar company, you may be concerned with your overall budget, available financing plans, quality of work, and how much the company will handle when it comes to HOA regulations, tax credit applications, and rebate processing. At California Premier Solar Construction, we can address all of these concerns and more. Our solar installation professionals provide fully customized work and take pride in achieving complete client satisfaction every time.

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How Does Solar Work?

If you are considering solar panels for your Rancho Santa Fe home, you may be interested to know how they work.

The following is a basic explanation:

  1. Solar panels collect and store energy from the sun’s rays, sending it to the inverter.
  2. The inverter converts energy from the solar panels into a type of energy your home can use and sends it to your electrical panel.
  3. Your electrical panel uses energy provided by the solar panels to power lights, appliances, outlets, and your central air system.

With solar, you also have an electric meter (also referred to as a utility meter) that connects your solar system to your utility company. When your solar system generates more power than your home uses, the meter actually runs backward and you are credited for excess energy. You can draw upon this energy at night or on cloudy days. There are also great government incentives that come along with updating your home to be more energy efficient.

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