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Five Benefits of Going Solar in California

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Going solar is good for just about everyone and everything. When you think about it, making the switch from traditional electricity from a public grid to reliable, renewable, and clean solar power can provide you with all sorts of advantages, both large and small! If you’re looking for a few good reasons to make the jump in your home or business, here are just five of the most common reasons why you’ll benefit from the investment!

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Your Wallet Will Thank You

The number one reason why most people make the switch to solar power: the immense financial savings it can provide. Solar power can reduce your electric bill to nearly zero each month, if not even less than zero, thanks to California’s extremely friendly net-metering laws. If you produce more energy per month than you consume from the public grid, your energy company will issue a credit to your bill, which will help you save even more in later months! Over time and as electricity rates rise, you’ll find that solar panels could help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year!

You’re Helping Your Community

When you’re powering your home with self-sustaining solar energy, the energy that you’d otherwise be consuming can instead be used by someone else. This means much lower stress on the electrical grid in your area, and a much lower possibility of a brownout or blackout, particularly during high-volume times. As more people switch to solar, the aging electrical grid needs as much help as it can get, and areas with high concentrations of solar customers have also seen significantly fewer issues with power reliability and rolling brownouts than those that don’t.

You’re Saving the Planet

The majority of power produced in the world still comes from burning fossil fuels, which pollutes the atmosphere and only makes these valuable resources more and more expensive. By switching to solar power, you don’t depend on these fossil fuels to provide you with energy, and thus you’re actually contributing to less smog, fewer emissions, and an overall healthier plant that everyone can enjoy!

You'll Enjoy Tax Breaks

California has an extremely friendly renewable energy portfolio, full of solar-friendly laws and legislation that grants you all sorts of benefits when it comes to your taxes. For starters, you can exclude up to the full value of your solar panel system from the value of your property value for taxation purposes, which could save you hundreds. Likewise, you may be to claim all or part of the value of your solar energy system installation costs as a tax credit, giving you a huge break on your return for the year in which you install your system! Talk to one of our experts to learn more about what systems are eligible and which incentives you may be able to take advantage of.

Your Property Is Worth More

If you’re looking for a way to build up property value, solar panels are a great way to do so. This addition is rapidly becoming one of the most popular upgrades to home and business properties because of the sheer amount it usually receives in return. Plus, as we mentioned in the point before this, qualifying solar energy equipment can be excluded from your property tax valuation. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in taxes per year!

Now’s a great time to make the switch to solar!
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